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Doctor Who 100 word drabble challenges
Welcome to dw100, the weekly Doctor Who drabble challenge. A drabble is a story 100 words long. (See fellow drabble communities hp100, open_on_sunday, and so on.

Drabbles based directly on new episodes featuring the eleventh Doctor should be placed behind an lj-cut and the episode title should be indicated before the cut.

To make an lj-cut, put the phrase lj-cut between < > . Optionally, you may end an lj-cut by putting a / in front of the phrase lj-cut.

Check out our companion communities dwfiction (a community for all Doctor Who fan fiction), whofic (Teaspoon news, support, and featured stories) and tw100 (for Torchwood drabbles). Please consider archiving your drabble on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind.

How it works:

One challenge will be posted every week on a Saturday evening (GMT). Write up a drabble in response and post it. It's that easy!

Drabbles unrelated to any challenge may be posted here as well. If you spot an old challenge on the master list that's in any way appropriate to your drabble please use it.

Drabble requirements:

1. All stories must be 100 words long.

2. Your drabble must feature characters from Doctor Who or its offshoots.

3. Each challenge consists of a theme to write your drabble around. You must respect that theme, in whatever way you want. Thinking outside the box is, of course, encouraged. You don't have to use the challenge word or phrase in your story; it's just there for inspiration.

4. Each entry should be a new post in the community (not in the comments section). Please include the challenge word or phrase in the subject line of your post. A title, rating and pairing* (if any) for each of your drabbles should also be included in the header.
*For the sake of this community any and all varieties of pairings (threesomes, moresomes) are denoted with a 'slash'

5. Any rating is welcome and any pairing: het, slash, gen. Please put entries with anything graphic (language or sexual) behind a cut, for the more sensitive among us. No Real Person fiction of any kind is allowed.

6. If you have included a pairing in your header - and you should have if your story includes one (see #4 above) - this community does NOT then require a "Warning" for het or slash in addition to that.

Questions or suggestions?

Please mail the mods: mad_jaks (at) or redwolfoz (at)

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