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Doctor Who One Hundred
A drabble challenge community.
You Can't Go Home Again (#641 "submerged") 
16th-Feb-2017 09:00 pm
Title: You Can't Go Home Again
Challenge: #641 "submerged"
Characters: The Twelfth Doctor
Warnings: None.

The Twelfth Doctor found a young child huddled in a doorway in a bustling alien city.

"On your own, are you?" the Doctor asked gently.

The child nodded.

The Doctor held out his hand. "Let me take you home."

"I can't go back," the child said.

"Of course you can," the Doctor said. "You can't have done anything that bad."

"It's not that," the child said. "My home was destroyed by a massive earthquake, submerged in a worldwide flood, and then atomized by a nearby supernova."

"And I thought Gallifrey had a bad millennium," an impressed Doctor thought out loud.
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