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Doctor Who One Hundred
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The Lowest Highest Point (#640 "apex") 
7th-Feb-2017 10:30 pm
Title: The Lowest Highest Point
Challenge: #640 "apex"
See also: "The Lowest Highest Point" by Moxy Fruvous.
Characters: The Seventh Doctor, Ace
Warnings: None.

The Seventh Doctor had dragged an uninterested Ace to a stone ruins on an uninhabited world.

"Oh look! Rocks!" Ace snarked.

"Not just any rocks, Ace," the Doctor said. "This was once the statehouse of the capital city of the most advanced kingdom on this planet. It was the apex of their civilization, their greatest architectural accomplishment, and the best their society had to offer."

"Underachievers, were they?" Ace asked.

The Doctor sighed and held a paternal arm around Ace's shoulders. "Well, not all of us can hope to meet YOUR lofty standards."

"That's true," Ace agreed with false immodesty.
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