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The Bowling Green Inferno (#531 "alternate") 
3rd-Feb-2017 11:15 pm
Title: The Bowling Green Inferno
Challenge: #531 "alternate"
Characters: The Third Doctor, Liz, the Brigadier
Warnings: Not usually a political satirist but GEEZ.
Notes: This is an alternative fact out-take from Inferno.

As the Brigadier watched, Liz tended to a recovering Doctor after he had returned to his workshop from the doomed Earth.

"Where did you go?" Liz asked. "Where did the TARDIS console take you?"

"Same time, same place, but a different dimension. It was a parallel world," the Doctor said. "Terrible things are happening there."

"What terrible things?" Liz asked.

"Frederick Douglass did an amazing job fighting potential grizzlies while three to five million aliens cast illegal votes for the other candidate."

"It's either the darkest timeline," Liz said to the Brigadier, "or the DUMBEST timeline."

"Sad!" the Brigadier agreed.
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