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#472: fifth doctor titles : "Terminus" 
1st-Feb-2014 09:21 pm
Title "Terminus"
Author/Beta: charlie_100 - Unbetad.
Fandom/Pairing: The Doctor (any)
Rating: G
Word count 100
Prompt/Theme/Summary: "Fifth Doctor Titles" from dw100
It's the terminus point. But a point is just that - a point in time. And time goes on.
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Characters borrowed without consent for personal, non-profit use. No copyright infringement intended

The word sounded so final. Done. Finished. Over. Never again. But when you're as old as the Doctor, when you've seen the universe die and be reborn again and again, you know there is no such thing as the end.

Even this train will, after it's reached the terminus, start over. It will start its journey back. Past the same fields, but in a different direction. And when it's reached that new terminus it'll come back again. And even if it goes to a different destination, it'll still be going.

Because in the universe nothing ever ends. There no terminus.

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