plaidphoenix (plaidphoenix) wrote in dw100,

471: Evil Twin

Title: The Merriment Of Us
Characters: Davros, Not-Tegan
DW100 challenge: #471 Evil Twin

“Step out of the duplication chamber, Ms. Jovanka,” the metallic voice orders.

“Yes, Davros,” she replies as she moves to stand before her new master.

“The pathetic human that your form is based on was known as Tegan Jovanka,” Davros tells her. “You, however, shall be known as Diafol.”

“As you wish, master,” Diafol replies.

“Excellent!” Davros cries out in delight. “I am certain it will cause that meddlesome Doctor, no end of torment to know I have corrupted one of his followers to my cause. Come Diafol, there is work to be done.”

“By your command, master,” answers Diafol.
Tags: 471: evil twin
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